The project’s membership is gradually increasing, with our current membership at over 200 and an increasing demand for the service. Furthermore, it is organisational practice when a service user does not attend the centre for two weeks or more for attempts to be made in orded to ascertain their wellbeing. That includes a home visit if required. This service also extends to those who are not regular attendees yet are housebound and living in isolation.

On average,30-35 people attend the centre daily. The majority of the service users are registered with the centre. Nevertheless, the service is available to those not noted but who meet the criteria set in the constitution, i.e. older (50+) and disabled (moderate physical and/or mental impairment) or their carers from diverse communities.

To register as a service user, the applicant or the person referred to is assessed by the project manager and, if recommended, is subsequently approved by the management committee.

The organisation’s members come from diverse cultures and religions such as Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, with origins such as Afghanistan, African, Algeria, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Middle East and Pakistan.

The time and days when the users access the service at ASRA vary from daily to weekly attendance. The timetable is mutually agreed upon and aimed to be flexible and needled as much as possible. It is also linked with the mutually agreed programme of activities offered.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can download your application form below and email it back to us at , a member of staff will then come in contact with you to discuss your application.